Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the central governing body of the WVSA. The Executive Committee provides leadership and strategic planning for the organization, recruits new members, organizes meetings and workshops, promotes publications and dissemination of results, raises funds for central functions, and assists local PIs in their fund-raising. It also coordinates each wave of data collection, including questionnaire design, data archiving, data distribution, and determines the timing of the next study. The Executive Committee carries out these tasks in close consultation with the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Members of the Executive Committee are voted into office by the voting membership of the General Assembly. Each Executive committee member serves for a six year renewable term of office.

The EC consists of seven elected members and two ex-officio members. The EC includes the President, two Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer. The remaining members of the EC serve as members at large with a variety of responsibilities determined by the EC. Ex-officio Members are the Founding President and the Director of the WVSA Archive.

Executive Committee members are in charge for the following portfolios: research, academic meetings, publications, public relations, advocacy, and external relations, maintenance and improvement of the global network, community of the PIs, fund raising and income generation, and capacity building.

Current composition of the Executive Committee:

  • Christian Haerpfer, President WVSA, Research Professor of Political Science, University of Vienna
  • Alejandro Moreno, First Vice-President WVSA, Professor of Political Science,  ITAM, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, Mexico City
  • Christian Welzel, Second Vice-President WVSA, Professor at Leuphana Universitat
  • Bi Puranen, Secretary General WVSA, Associate Professor of Economic History, Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm
  • Pippa Norris, Treasurer WVSA, Professor of Government and IR, Harvard and Sydney Universities
  • Eduard Ponarin, Member at Large WVSA, Laboratory for Comparative Social Research and Professor of Sociology, Saint-Petersburg,
  • Marta Lagos Member at Large WVSA, Director of Corporacion Latinobarometro, Chile
  • Ronald Inglehart (ex-officio), Founding President, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan
  • Jaime Diez-Medrano (ex-officio), Director, WVS Data Archive

Executive Committee and the President in their everyday business are assisted by the Secretary. Secretary is not a member of Executive Committee and has no voting rights. Secretary is responsible for taking care of the records of the Association, planning, organizing and directing overall communication strategies and public activities for the organization, publication of the Association’s newsletter, planning, organizing and directing of all meetings of the EC, SAC and GA and etc. At the General Assembly in April, 2014 Ms Kseniya Kizilova was nominated as the Secretary of WVSA.

Christian W. Haerpfer, President         Bi Puranen, Secretary General  

Christian W.Haerpfer

Vice-President Treasurer
Alejandro Moreno

Chris Welzel
Secretary General
Bi Puranen
Pippa Norris


Marta Lagos
Eduard Ponarin
Ron Inglehart
Jaime Diez- Medrano

Head of Secretariat
Kseniya Kizilova