Funding Partners

National Principal Investigators

The World Values Survey is a cumulative study which facilitates analysis of cultural trends over more than three decades. The non-profit organization depends upon the willingness and capacity of Principal Investigators in each country to raise local resources and conduct fieldwork using the common questionnaire, under the overall supervision of the WVS Executive and, in particular, the technical requirements established and monitored by the WVS Data Archive based in Madrid.

Regional and global partners

In addition, the work of the World Values Association would not be possible without the support of partners willing to contribute towards surveys in many developing countries which lack an infrastructure for scientific research. Previous partners for the survey include several major international development agencies, (including International IDEA and the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation), bilateral donors, government ministries in several countries (including the Dutch Ministry for Education and Research, the Russian Federation, and Libyan Ministry for Education and Research), non-profit foundations (the Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm), scientific research projects (including the Electoral Integrity Project), as well as scientific foundations such as the National Science Foundation and the German Science Foundation.


We warmly welcome opportunities for further partnerships and collaborations. Please contact the Secretariat with any suggestions or questions.