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Image result for sesri qatar universityThe Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI), a social scientific survey research initiative of Qatar University, was established in October 2008 with enthusiastic support from the leadership of Qatar University. SESRI's mission is to provide sound and reliable data to guide policy formulation, priority-setting, and evidence-based planning in the social and economic sectors.

The Institute's research agenda spans a wide range of substantive areas of importance to Qatari society, including labor and employment, modernization and shifts in social values, education, health, family structure, and the impact of social and traditional media. At the same time, SESRI works to place results from Qatar into a wider context through participation in regional and international survey projects, including the widely-utilized World Values Survey.

The Institute has assembled a highly qualified staff with diverse research interests, a wealth of professional experiences, and, above all, a shared vision and commitment to the importance of conducting high quality survey research that serves people. Indeed, the core values guiding our work are independence, public service, cooperation with existing research initiatives, and transfer of knowledge and skills to build the capacity of the next generation of young Qatari social science researchers.

SESRI’s mission is to contribute to the development of Qatari society by providing high quality survey data to guide policy formulation, priority setting, and evidence-based planning and research in the social and economic sectors.

SESRI's aims are to:

  • Enhance research capacity by studying and monitoring important societal changes
  • Inform policy- and decision making by producing sound empirical evidence
  • Provide data useful in the evaluation of social and economic policies
  • Advance the research initiatives of Qatar University by developing additional human and physical capital for social and economic survey research
  • Conduct comparative surveys that would place Qatari indicators in a regional and international perspective
  • Collaborate with local, regional, and international researchers and institutions for the advancement of survey research

Social and Economic Survey Research Institute of Qatar University is the WVSA regional hub for Middle East and the Gulf and is overseeing WVS research and associated activities in 13 countries in this region (Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Syria, and Palestine).

SESRI is chaired by Director Dr. Hassan Abdulrahim Yousef Al-Sayed.

Dr. Hassan Abdulrahim Yousef Al-Sayed is Associate Professor of Public Law. In 2013-2014 he was Academic Dean of Police College, Interior Ministry. Between 2007 and 2010 he was the Dean of College of Law from. Dr. Hassan Abdulrahim Yousef Al-Sayed is also Judge of the Qatar International Court (Qatar Financial Center) and Member of Qatari Lawyers Admission Committee, Ministry of Justice. Dr. Hassan Abdulrahim Yousef Al-Sayed was the winner of State Incentive Award in Law 2012.


For more information about SESRI, please, visit: http://sesri.qu.edu.qa • Twitter: SESRI_QU

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