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The Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research foundation. Its board has nine members who are appointed by the Government, and its current chair is Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd. The board appoints a Director as both administrative and scientific head of the Institute. The staff consists of researchers, research assistants and a small secretariat.

The Institute for Futures Studies conducts advanced research within the social sciences. The Institute’s task is to promote a future-oriented perspective in Swedish research, and to use and develop appropriate theories and methods. Moreover, the Institute promotes open and broad discussion about possibilities and threats to future social development. In addition to its research activities the Institute organizes seminars and workshops, some of which are oriented towards the public at large.

The Institute is financed partly through a government subsidy and partly through external funding from research councils.

Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm, Sweden is the host of the WVSA Regional Hub for Northern Europe which is coordinating WVS-7 survey in 11 countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Iceland, Ireland, UK). This WVSA regional hub is directed by WVSA Secretary General Bi Puranen, the Research Fellow at the IFFS. WVSA office in Stockholm represents also the legal seat of the WVS Association, which is registered as a non-governmental research organization in Sweden.

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