Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of leading social scientists and market researchers, representing all regions of the world. It is kept informed of all important activities by the executive committee, and it is consulted by the executive committee before major decisions are made. Ten members are elected for renewable six year terms by the voting membership of the WVSA at General Assembly. The primary function of the Scientific Advisory Committee concerns maintaining technical standards to the highest level of scientific knowledge and developing the survey instrument for each wave, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

Current composition of the Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Juan Diez-Nicolas (Chair), Emeritus Professor of Sociology, ASEP, Madrid
  • Yilmaz Esmer (First Vice-Chair), Professor of Political Science, Bahçe┼čehir University, Turkey
  • Marita Carballo (Second Vice-Chair), Professor of Catholic University, President of Voices Consultancy, Argentina
  • Linda Luz Guerrero, Social Weather Stations, the Philippines
  • Ian McAllister, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Australian National University
  • Catalina Romero, Departmento de Ciencias Sociales, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
  • Renata Siemienska, Professor Department of Sociology of Education, Warsaw University
  • Seiko Yamazaki, Research Planning and Development Office, Dentsu Inc.
  • Fares Braizat, Strategic Intelligence Solutions ‎NAMA, Amman, Jordan
  • David Rotman, Director of the Center for Sociological and Political Research, Belarus State University