Fieldwork progress

WVS-7 Fieldwork Progress

WVS, being world’s largest social survey project, in every wave aims at increasing its territorial coverage. Wave 7 is expected to become the largest in the history of the WVSA with 90+ countries being surveyed together by the World Values Survey Association and the European Values Study covering the European continent. The aim is to try to provide equal representation of all world cultural zones, to ensure continuation of those time-series which have no interruptions as well as to involve new countries where WVS has not been conducted yet.

As of September 2019, 104 000 respondents have been interviewed in 60+ countries; over 20 more countries go into the field in the Fall this year. Information about the status of the WVS-7 survey in all world countries (including European continent surveyed jointly by WVS and EVS) is presented on the map below. We invite all scholars concerned to check if your country has already been included into the current round of the World Values Survey. With any proposals and ideas how to facilitate WVS-7 in new countries, please, contact WVS data-set is the largest source of survey data available in free access, over 50 000 academic publications employ WVS data; WVS data is frequently used for international development reports, teaching courses at universities, PhD dissertations, media publications and much more. Don't miss the chance to include your country into the global cultural map! 

We look for new partnerships and survey funds donations for the WVS-7 round in:
Latin America: Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador.
Middle East: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Israel.
Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, Mali, Ghana and other countries.
Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea.

Survey teams and research groups from other countries not mentioned above but marked with orange on the map are most welcome to apply as well!