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Welcome to the World Values Survey!

World Values Survey (WVS) is a global research project that explores people’s values and beliefs, their stability or change over time and their impact on social and political development of the societies in different countries of the world.

WVS started in 1981 as a part of the European Values Study and quickly became one of the most widely-used and authoritative cross-national and time-series surveys covering almost 100 societies (nearly 90% of the world’s population).

WVS shows pervasive changes in what people want out of life and what they believe. In order to monitor these changes, the EVS/WVS has executed six waves of surveys from 1981 to 2014. Representative national samples of each society are interviewed, using a standardized questionnaire that measures support for democracy, tolerance to foreigners and ethnic minorities, support for gender equality, the role of religion and changing levels of religiosity, the impact of globalization, attitudes toward the environment, work, family, politics, national identity, culture, diversity, insecurity, subjective well-being, and etc.

The findings are valuable for policy makers seeking to build civil society and democratic institutions in developing countries. The WVS data is also frequently used by governments around the world, scholars, students, journalists and international organizations and institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

Most recent WVS wave 6 has been finished in 2014. Wave 6 covers 60 countries and is the biggest WVS wave conducted so far. Launch of the WVS-6 data set took place at the WVSA Reception at IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Montreal, Canada in July, 2014. The 6th wave survey includes innovative batteries of items on such topics like human security, electoral integrity, and aging, as well as maintaining continuity with the series of items on social, economic, religious, and political values established since the founding wave.

WVS wave 7 has been started in January 2017 and will last till 2019. During the 24-months period the survey will be condected in over 70 world countries and societies on all continents. Follow our news on the web-site, on Facebook and on Twitter to learn about the most recent developments in values study and social research in general.

Here you can download our data and publications, learn about the WVSA, its history, research network and forthcoming events.


WVSA President, Professor Dr Christian W Haerpfer