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Why donate to the World Values Survey Association?

WVSA provides academic community, policy-makers, scholars, PhD students, journalists with world’s largest data-base on population values covering the period between 1981 and 2020 and comprising over 400 000 interviews conducted in 120 world countries.

WVS data-set is the most widely used social survey data-set in the world.

All the data and supporting documentation is available at the WVSA web-site in free access. The wonderful opportunity to use this data in your research and scientific papers – which we grant free of charge to every person in the world – is the result of the hard work of the whole WVSA community since 3 decades. WVSA is a non-profit non-commercial research NGO whose activity is based on research grants and donations obtained from individual and institutional donors. 

In 2017-2021 the WVSA is conducted its next 7th survey wave. Your donation and your support to the activities of the World Values Survey Association will allow us:

  • To extend our geographic coverage: in the new wave, we will survey more countries;
  • To extend our thematic coverage: in the new wave, we will ask more questions;
  • To extend our samples: in the new wave, we will increase national sample size;
  • To improve the quality of the data: in the new wave, we will introduce new, sophisticated procedures of data quality checks.
Your donation will help us to continue providing the international scientific community with the newest data on social, economic, political and cultural development of contemporary societies. Donations will be prioritized for research in developing countries without access to funds for fieldwork. Donors who granted $50 or more will obtain a status of a "Friend of the World Values Survey Association" with publication of your name at our web-site.


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