Integrated EVS/WVS 1981-2008 Conditions of Use

The European Values Study Foundation and World Values Survey Association

Data file: Integrated Values Surveys 1981-2014
Constructed from the EVS Longitudinal Data File 1981-2008 and the World Value Survey 1981-2014 official aggregate.

Conditions of use
The data are available without restrictions, provided that
1. They are used for non-profit purposes
2. Data files are not redistributed
3. Correct citations are provided wherever results based on the data are published. A bibliographic citation or electronic copies of each completed report, article, conference paper or thesis abstract based in part or entirely on these data files is provided to EVS as well as WVS. This citation will be made freely available.
EVS: Please go to the EVS Repository ( and enter information on your publication. The repository is an easy way to find relevant publications in the field of value studies. Moreover, it contains enhanced publications with direct links to the dataset, variables, and syntax codes of the concepts used.
WVS: Please send your bibliographic citation to WVSA Secretariat ( and include information on your publication.
The collection of publications based on WVS can be found at

In accordance with data protection regulations in participating countries, only anonymous data are available to users. Before depositing data to EVS and WVS, each national team has been responsible for checking their data with confidentiality in mind. Anonymity is also maintained after merging of data files.

Bibliographic citations
EVS (2011). European Values Study 1981-2008, Longitudinal Data File. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne, Germany, ZA4804 Data File Version 2.0.0 (2011-12-30) DOI:10.4232/1.11005.
WVS (2015). Inglehart, R., C. Haerpfer, A. Moreno, C. Welzel, K. Kizilova, J. Diez-Medrano, M. Lagos, P. Norris, E. Ponarin & B. Puranen et al. (eds.). 2014. World Values Survey: All Rounds - Country-Pooled Datafile Version: Madrid: JD Systems Institute..

To ensure that such source attributions are captured for social science bibliographic utilities, citations must appear in the footnotes or in the reference section of publications.

EVS and GESIS, WVS and JDSystems and the producers bear no responsibility for the uses of the EVS and WVS data, or for interpretations or inferences based on these uses. EVS, WVS and the producers accept no liability for indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the data collection, or from the unavailability of, or break in access to the service for whatever reason.

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