Regional Hubs


The World Values Survey Association is expanding its territorial structure by introducing a network of Regional hubs. Regional hubs are acting as Institutional Members of the WVSA as per the WVSA Constitution (2014):

Institutional membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to international or national associations, organizations, societies, institutions, scientific research teams, or corporations pursuing objectives compatible with those of the WVSA in related fields of activity.

The scope of cooperation between the WVSA and its Regional hubs will include:

  • Promoting internationally WVS wave 7 in 2017-2018;
  • Assistance to the WVSA Secretariat in communication with the WVSA PIs in a particular world region, support with translation of the questionnaire, organization or hosting of fieldwork training for wave 7 if required;
  • Encouraging the establishment and development of research centers and survey centers in the social sciences in different world countries and regions;
  • Facilitating the spread of information about developments in the social sciences;
  • Organizing regional meetings and round table discussions and providing other opportunities for personal contacts among social and political scientists, researchers and scholars in different world countries;
  • Organization and financial support of 1 WVSA meeting in the 5-years period;
  • Publication of books and journals;
  • Publication of research in social media and on Internet web-sites;
  • Capacity building: organizing workshops and trainings on a regional level;
  • Increasing academic quality: training in survey methodology and analysis and etc.

Among the privileges and benefits of the Regional Hubs could be mentioned the following:

  • Obtaining a title “Regional Hub of the World Values Survey Association” with the right to publish this status and the WVS logo at organization’s web-site, in brochure, in e-mail signature;
  • Promotion of the organization’s news, books and events, call for papers, job openings, awards and much more on the WVSA website, newsletter, and social media sites;
  • Voting rights for the representative in the WVSA General Assembly meeting;
  • Access to some WVS data during the period of internal embargo and permission to use data for presentations and publications, under specifically agreed terms and conditions;
  • Regional representation of the WVSA and participation in survey design and etc.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Regional Hub of the WVSA, please, contact the Secretary of the WVSA in order to obtain an application form. Decision regarding the application is made unanonymously by vote of the 7 members of the Executive Committee of the World Values Survey Association.

In case of positive decision, a partnership agreement between an organization and the WVSA will act as a legal framework of the cooperation. The agreement is signed for the period of 5 years with possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement of both parties.

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