05 abr 2019

CALL FOR TENDERS: WORLD VALUES SURVEY WAVE 7 - deadline extended to May 25

The World Values Survey Association Secretariat in cooperation with the University of Southampton (TrustGov research project)  invites survey companies and research institutions to submit tender proposals to conduct WVS-7 survey in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Vietnam, the Philippines, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

Decisions on the winning proposals will be made by the TrustGov Project Investigators and the WVSA Secretariat; proposals offering best value for money will be selected. Past experience of cooperation with the WVSA is an asset, but not a pre-condition. Organizations working in several countries from the mentioned above need to submit a separate tender proposal for each country. The WVSA and the University of Southampton retain the right to request additional tender documentation if required in accordance with the financial policy of both organizations.

Materials and documents to be provided as a part of the tender proposal (download the template below)

I. Description of the organization’s profile, including:

organization’s contact details; organization’s history, past research expertise, past survey research projects the organization has been involved, including WVS; description of the team and their qualifications. Please, highlight the nation-wide population surveys that your organization conducted in the country. 

II. Proposal on the sample design, including:

detailed description of the proposed sampling model; sample coverage and excluded territories or social groups (if any); clear and detailed description of the method for selecting regions/ districts, primary sampling units, secondary sampling units, households and respondents in the household; proposed interview method; include a section justifying the sample size: which sample size is the minimal feasible to adequately represent the country and which sample size you recommend for the World Values Survey.

III. Time plan, including:

general time plan of survey preparation and implementation, data collection, data cleaning and data submission phases; information on the estimated total duration of survey fieldwork for N=1200 nation-wide representative sample; preferred period for data collection in the country in 2019 and information on any national holidays, elections, other events that might affect survey implementation and need to be taken into account; information on additional trainings or consultations if required from the WVSA.

IV. Budget specification, including:

total survey costs and budget breakdown by categories; as WVS is an academic research program, organization’s income or fees for organization’s development should not be included into the budget; personnel costs should be differentiated clearly between interviewers’ fees, fieldwork supervisors, survey managers etc.. Provide budget specifications for the sample size of N=1000; N=1200; N=1500 and any other sample size if you propose alternative option. Currency for the budget calculations: US dollar.

Annex 1. CV of the team’s/organization’s leader(s) [3 pages per person max]

Annex 2. Recommendation letter(s): 2-3 brief references to the names of organizations, persons or project titles you work(ed) with and where your organization was involved as the survey provider; full letters of recommendation can be included on the volunteer basis; note: the letter should not originate from the WVSA or should not be signed by the WVS member.

Annex 3. Territorial sampling plan: voluntarily and if available from past similar projects, you can include a table featuring detailed sample territorial specifications – i.e. a list of all primary sampling units or settlements (or districts, counties) and the suggested number of interviews per each territorial unit.

Questionnaire size: 350 questions (variables). If full questionnaire is required to estimate accurately the scope of work and the budget – please, contact

If submitting a tender proposal for the survey in several countries from the list – make sure to submit a separate document for each country.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Organization research experience and expertize in population survey research, recommendations [30%]
  • Sample design quality [30%]
  • Budget [40%]

Please, submit your expressions of interest in English to: and

Submission deadline extended: May 25, 2019. Winning teams will be notified by June 10, 2019. The WVSA Secretariat and TrustGov project retain the right to request additional information if necessary.

Tender_template_WVS7.docx [Download count:202]


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