05 May 2014

Darwish Al-Emadi becomes Chair of SAC

Darwish Al-Emadi nominated Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of World Values Survey Association!

Dr. Darwish Al-Emadi has received his Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics at the University of Edinburgh in 1986. At Qatar University ( in Doha he has been Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (1995-2000) and Dean of the Graduate School (2001-2003). He was Director of the Education Institute at the Supreme Education Council (2003-2004). Currently he is Director of the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute at Qatar University ( He was PI for Qatar in WVS wave 6 and he organized two General Assemblies of WVSA in Doha in March 2013 and April 2014. Given his familiarity with the Arab region that is emerging in importance he was nominated as the Co-Chair of the SAC in March, 2013. At the General Assembly in April, 2014 Dr. Darwish Al-Emadi was elected as the Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee of WVS. The term of office will commence on June, 1, 2014 and end on April, 30, 2017.


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