20 Mar 2015

World Values Survey Presented at Annual Ethics and Compliance Conference

President Prof. Christian Haerpfer gave a key-note speech on on ‘The Changing Values and Motivations of People Throughout the World’.

ECOA's 23rd Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference ( took place in Dallas, Texas on March, 17-20, 2015. The Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference offered learning opportunities for practitioners at all levels of professional development and from all industries and regions of the world. In addition to thought-provoking keynote presentations, ECOA’s Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference featured interactive plenary and breakout sessions led by ethics and compliance practitioners, subject-matter experts, academicians, and business leaders. Half-day pre-conference workshops gave attendees an opportunity to deep-dive into key components of ethics and compliance program management. 

World Values Survey Association was represented by President Professor Christian Haerpfer who gave a key-note speech on ‘The Changing Values and Motivations of People Throughout the World’. In his presentation Prof. Haerpfer provided a brief description of the goal, mission and tasks of the World Values Survey Association, its history and collected global survey data. Global trends of dynamics in hierarchy of values and important life components, subjective estimations of life and well-being, tolerance and equality, political values and social capital, national pride and patriotism, stereotypes, beliefs and motivations of people around the world for selected countries for years 1994-2014 were discussed in the main part of the presentation.

Presentation aroused great interest among the audience. Conference attendants were fascinated by the large scale of implementation of the World Values Survey as well as by the great variety of indicators included into the study.




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