28 Sep 2015


World Values Survey Association introduces Institutional Membership.

According to the newly accepted in April, 2014 Constitution of the World Values Survey Association, the WVSA is entitled to include – in addition to individual members or Principal Investigators – Institutional Members. According to the paragraph 3.5 of the Constitution “Institutional membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to international or national associations, organizations, societies, institutions or corporations pursuing objectives compatible with those of the WVSA in related fields of activity”.

Institutional Members have the right to join the WVSA for a five year period (subject to renewal) and have the right to use the title “Affiliate Institution of the World Values Survey Association”. Institutional Members are supposed to provide support the activities of the WVSA by facilitating national surveys in more than one country or a world region, contributing resources and expertise, hosting conferences, workshops and symposia, and developing global support networks and partnerships strengthening the WVSA.

If your organization is willing to obtain a status of the Institutional Member of the World Values Survey Association, please, submit your inquiry regarding the terms and conditions, including the size of the membership fees to the Administrative Secretary of the WVSA Ms Kseniya Kizilova ( The decision regarding each new Institutional Member is made by the Executive Committee of the WVSA.


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