24 Dec 2015

Season Greetings from the World Values Survey Association!

Dear Principal Investigators, Friends, Associates and Supporters of the World Values Survey Association,

On behalf of the WVSA President's Office and Secretariat we congratulate you with the forthcoming winter holidays!

We wish you, your families, your friends and colleagues all the best in the New 2016 Year!

We hope that the New 2016 Year will bring peace and stability into your countries, success in your professional life, happiness, luck and prosperity into your families. 

We would like to express our tremendous gratitude to all of you, who participated in an excellent way in WVS 6! The success of WVS 6 was only made possible by your excellence and outstanding achievements in implementing WVS 6 in your own country!

The Year 2016 will be an important year in the life of the WVSA devoted to the finalization of the survey questionnaire and preparation of the WVS-7 fieldwork.

We will have an important meeting of the WVSA in July 2016 in Turkey at the IPSA World Congress in Istanbul.

In WVS-7 the Association is aiming to conduct the values study in more than 70 world countries. We are confident that the big international World Values Survey Team -which is the biggest social science survey infrastructure and the biggest social science survey research program in the world- will be able to meet this challenge and that we will reach this new record level of global coverage of WVS in our next wave, in WVS 7!

Happy New Year 2016! Happy Winter Holidays! All the best for the Festive Season!


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