22 Jun 2016

Planning WVS wave 7 in United Arab Emirates

First talks on possibilities of implementation of WVS wave 7 in UAE took place at UAE University in Al-Ain in May, 2016.

World Values Survey Association managed to extend essentially the geographical coverage in the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf in the last 6th wave (2011-2014) when the values study was conducted in 15 countries and terrotories in the region. To continue this trend, the United Arab Emirates do plan on joining the WVSA in the next 7th wave when the values survey will be conducted in this country for the first time.

During his visit to the UAE University in Al-Ain, the President of the World Values Survey Association Professor Christian W Haerpfer discussed possibilities of implementing the values study in the UAE in 2017-2018, gave a public lecture on “World Value Survey as a Tool to Measure Social Development” and participated in the methodological workshop on Public Opinion Research.

Professor Christian W Haerpfer giving a public lecture on “World Value Survey as a Tool to Measure Social Development”.

Negotiations with Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Head of Department of Sociology and Ass.Professor Dr Tatiana Karabchuk from the UAE University in Al Ain.

Successful finish of talks about WVS 7 in UAE with Dean of Social Science, Head of Sociology and University Secretary.

Certificate of first meeting between WVS and UAEU received from Dean of Social Sciences.


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