09 Sep 2016

Christian Haerpfer elected as IPSA Research Committee Liaison Representative

WVSA President Professor Christian Haerpfer has been elected as Research Committee (RC) Liaison Representative of the International Political Science Association.

Source: HERE

IPSA is glad to announce the election of Prof. Christian Haerpfer as Research Committee (RC) Liaison Representative. He was elected by RC chairs at the latest Advisory Commission on Research (ACR) held on July 27, 2016, during the Poznan IPSA World Congress of Political Science.

The RC Liaison sits on the Committee on Research and Training (CRT), which convenes at each IPSA Executive Committee meeting (two or three times per year). The holder of the position represents the interests of the research committees within IPSA official bodies and strengthens ties between research committees and the Executive Committee. The Liaison Representative also advises the IPSA Executive Committee and the IPSA Secretariat on matters concerning research committees. To this end, the holder communicates with RC officials and works in close collaboration with the Chair of the CRT and the IPSA Secretariat on all matters related to research committees.


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