05 jun 2018

WVS7 planning meeting in the Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon go into the field!

WVSA Secretariat and WVSA-MENA team held a methodological seminar and a working meeting this week in Amman. Issues discussed: survey planning in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq; WVS-7 regional module in MENA; data analysis, publications and future events.

WVS-7 survey has been started in 4 MENA countries. Survey fieldwork in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon is coordinated as a part of a single research effort with the financial support of the World Bank. As a part of the cooperation, WVS teams, in addition to the standard WVS-7 questionnaire represented by 290 survey items, will collect data on issues related to the social contract - a topic actively studied by the World Bank researchers and being of outmost importance for the future social and political development of the MENA countries.

WVS-7 planning meeting for Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon took place on May, 23, 2018 in Amman, Jordan. Issues discussed included survey planning in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq; WVS-7 regional module in MENA; data analysis, publications and future events. A sample size in all 4 countries constitutes 1200 respondents; sample type is a national wide representative random sample of the citizens in the age of 18 and older.

WVS7 planning meeting in Amman, Jordan, May 23, 2018.  From left to right: Professor Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Latif (Egyptian Research and Training Center), Professor Christian Haerpfer WVSA President, Kseniya Kizilova Head of WVSA Secretariat, Dr Rabih Haber (Statistics Lebanon), Dr Fares Braizat (NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions).

Survey fieldwork in all countries is organized by experiences teams of scholars. WVS7 in Jordan is conducted by NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions under the leadership of Dr Fares Braizat. Dr Fares Braizat is one of the region’s leading political and security experts. He holds a PhD in Politics and Government from the University of Kent in England. In February 2016, he founded NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions and serves as the Chairman of the company. In April 2016, he was elected to the position of Chairman of Social Policies Committee at the Economic and Social Council in Jordan. Previously he served as Senior Adviser / Director of Strategic Studies and Evaluation at the Office of His Majesty (OHM), Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan between Jan 2012 – Feb 2016. In addition to his knowledge and experience in the public sector, Dr. Braizat founded, headed, and coordinated numerous international and regional survey research projects including the Arab Barometer, World Values Survey, Global Barometer, and the Public Opinion Program at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Senior Polling Adviser for the International Republican Institute and USAID on Lebanese elections of 2009, and was Senior Fellow for the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC. He also served on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs at the United States Congress and taught at the University of Jordan, where he was Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic Studies.