Giving Up on God: The Global Decline of Religion (revisited)

Inglehart, R.
In the early years of the twenty-first century, religion seemed to be on the rise. The collapse of both communism and the Soviet Union had left an ideological vacuum that was being filled by Orthodox Christianity in Russia and other post-Soviet states. The election in the United States of President George W. Bush, an evangelical Christian who made no secret of his piety, suggested that evangelical Christianity was rising as a political force in the country. And the 9/11 attacks directed international attention to the power of political Islam in the Muslim world.

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COVID-19 Crisis Boosts Progressive Values Amidst Growing Pessimism – International Panel Study

Inglehart, R., Lampert, M.
A unique panel survey conducted in 24 countries by Professor Ronald Inglehart, Founder and First President (1981-2013) of the World Values Survey Association and Martijn Lampert, Co-founder and Research Director of research agency Glocalities reveals the dual impact that the COVID-19 crisis has on values, emotions and the economy. In total 8,761 respondents from 24 countries were interviewed twice. First, just before the pandemic hit most countries early in 2020 and again in November 2020. This is the first study of its kind, measuring trends among the same people at such a large international scale. Four decades of research by Professor Ronald Inglehart show that usually crises make people more authoritarian and xenophobic, but in the unique case of the global COVID-19 pandemic with lockdowns and freedom restrictions the effects are very different.

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How Trump Solved the COVID-19 Pandemic

Inglehart, R., Lampert, M.
On accepting the Republican Party’s nomination for re-election on August 27, 2020 President Trump boasted that “The United States has among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country in the world.” The claim was misleading. Case fatality rates measure how many people known to have gotten COVID-19 eventually die of it, and by that measure the U.S. ranked 11th among the 20 countries most affected by the disease. Trump had picked a statistic that reflects the quality of the U.S. health care system: Americans who got infected were likely to recover. But the claim was grossly misleading because it ignored the fact that under Trump’s presidency, Americans were vastly more likely to get infected than the citizens of most other countries. As he was speaking, the U.S. had the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths of any country in the world—by a wide margin.

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