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Institute for Comparative Survey Research
Vienna - Austria

WVSA Secretariat will answer your inqueries on:

  • Questionnaires, surveys, data collection, national teams and PIs in waves 1-6;
  • Time frame, topics, other technical details for wave 7;
  • Expressions of interest for participation in wave 7;
  • Funding for wave 7 and cooperation with new funders;
  • Expressions of interest for Institutional Membership and Regional Hubs;
  • Development of the WVSA network;
  • Research and other forms of cooperation with the WVSA;
  • WVSA public events and organization of joint events;
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, congresses;
  • Technical questions on using WVSA web-site and Online Analysis Tool;
  • Technical questions on downloading data and documentation from the WVSA web-site;
  • Errors detected in the WVS data;
  • Questions on data analysis and interpretation;
  • Questions on indexes development and Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map;
  • Permissions to re-print WVSA materials;
  • Any other questions and inqueries.
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