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The WVS has just completed wave 7 data that comprises 64 surveys conducted in 2017-2022. With 64 countries and societies around the world and more than 80,000 respondents, this is the latest ressource made available for the research community.

All the wave 7 information is organized under WVS Wave 7 (2017-2022) section in the left menu. You can download both aggregated an country documentation (questionnaires, pdf reports, data files). Files are available in several formats (SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, Excel).

New sections have been created to allow download of the revised documentation for all waves. You may select any wave from the left menu.


You can find now documentation at three levels: Country, Wave and Longitudinal.

Country documentation allows you to download individual country files with either the data in Spss or Stata compatible formats, or else download PDF documents with the crossings by sex and age for all questions. You can as well download the original questionnaires used and the technical reports deposited at the archive.

Wave documentation includes the revised official aggregates, a PDF report with the complete results for the wave (by country), the official questionnaire and some additional documents.

Longitudinal documentation, to be included soon, comprises aggregates compatible with the EVS/WVS Integrated dictionnary, compatible and ready for merging. They allow working with time series. Select the WVS Longitudinal files section to browse documentation. There are integrated codebooks, integrated files for the 1981-2022 period and much more.

When downloading files and result reports you will be asked to register at no charge and agree with the WVS non-redistribution data use license. All data and documentation is free of charge and has been produced by the WVS Data Archive in collaboration with the WVS Participant network


When using the WVS data, please, make sure that you included a proper citation/ reference to the WVSA data-base as listed below. WVS data brought to you in free access is the result of work of a great number of scholars and survey researchers, and we believe their efforts should be acknowledged.

Citation format for WVS-7 (2017-2022) data-set:

Haerpfer, C., Inglehart, R., Moreno, A., Welzel, C., Kizilova, K., Diez-Medrano, J., Lagos, M., Norris, P., Ponarin, E. & Puranen B. (2022): World Values Survey Wave 7 (2017-2022) Cross-National Data-Set. Version: 4.0.0. World Values Survey Association. DOI:

Citation format for the aggregated (1981-2022) WVS data-file:

Inglehart, R., C. Haerpfer, A. Moreno, C. Welzel, K. Kizilova, J. Diez-Medrano, M. Lagos, P. Norris, E. Ponarin & B. Puranen (eds.). 2022. World Values Survey: All Rounds - Country-Pooled Datafile. Madrid, Spain & Vienna, Austria: JD Systems Institute & WVSA Secretariat. Dataset Version 3.0.0. doi:10.14281/18241.17


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