Frequently asked questions

Why I cannot see some European countries in the WVS Longitudinal 6-wave aggregate?

The WVS Longitudinal 6 wave aggregate includes WVS 1981-1984, WVS 1990-1994, WVS 1995-1998, WVS 2000-2004, WVS 2005-2009 data and WVS 2010-2014. That is, it doesn't include the EVS waves (EVS 1981-1984, EVS 1991-1994, EVS 1999 and EVS 2008). That is why some European countries (not all) are missing for these years.

We have posted a new version of the longitudinal aggregate (v2015-04-18) that makes it very easy to merge data from EVS since it is forward compatible with the variable structure of the EVS Longitudinal aggregate. You have to download both files, load the WVS first, and then add the cases from the EVS part.

The only problem is building the cultural dimensions, since this has to be done with the full aggregate. You can read the subsection on how to build the tradrat5 and survself factors for more details.

Is it possible to download the data for doing analysis in my own computer?

Yes, you can download it from the Data files section. Select the file and format you want to download and complete the registration information (when asked) with your name, organization and email. Then you will be able to begin download.

How is weight managed?

S017 and S017a are N preserving weightings, as originally provided by participants. S018 and S018a are corrected weights to give an N=1000 (while preserving the internal proportions of S017/S017a) and S019 and S019a are equivalent to S018/S018a but give an N=1500.  You can see how to use the N=1000 weight to build you own population weighted samples by reading the following paper:

Which programs can I use to analyze data?

You can use any statistical package that supports the following formats:

  • SAV, which is an SPSS for Windows format
  • POR, which is an SPSS portable format
  • DTA, which is a format for STATA statistical package.
  • SAS, which is a format for SAS statistical package
  • R, a new public domain program with a powerfull community of users.

Is there a document with the integrated questionnaire of the four waves?

Yes, you can download it from the Additional Documents section.

What is the difference between S003 and S003A?

S003 is the standard country variable. However, Germany, Serbia-Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina can be analyzed as "splitted" samples (i.e., Germany-East + Germany-West, Serbia + Montenegro and Bosnian Federation + SrpSka Republic). To do this, we provide S003A.

Note that if you use S003, you can use the optional S017, S018 or S019 weighting variables, but if you use S003A as the basic "country/region" unit, you will need to use S017A, S018A or S019A.

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