Principal Investigators

The surveys are performed by an international network of social scientists. Each country and wave has a principal investigator responsible for the survey conducted in his or her country. The PI is responsible for:

  • Spearheading the effort to secure funding in each country,
  • Managing the fieldwork according to the standard requirements of the survey, and then
  • Depositing the dataset and related technical documents for every wave with the World Values Survey Secretariat and Data Archive.

PIs are invited to serve in this capacity for a renewable five-year period by the Executive Committee. To generate the highest quality scientific data and consistent technical standards, Principal Investigators for the World Values Survey are asked to observe the common Rules and Procedures for Principal Investigators in WVS wave 7.

After contributing towards the WVS dataset, PIs are entitled to advanced access to all the shared data-set, once it has been cleaned and integrated by the Data Archive. In this role, PIs are also welcome to participate in the World Values Survey Association workshops, panels and events, including the World Values Survey Association General Assembly.

To identify the PI for reach country, you can browse the directory Searchable list of Principal Investigators

If you are interested in serving as PI for a country not yet included in the survey, or in case of any questions arising, please contact the the WVSA Secretariat.

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