Paper Series (World Values Research – WVR)

World Values Research (WVR), registered as ISSN 2000-2777, is the official online paper series of the World Values Survey Association. The series is edited by the Executive Committee of the Association.


WVR publishes research papers of high scientific standards based on evidence from World Values Surveys data. Papers in WVR follow good academic practice and abide to ethical norms in line with the mission of the World Values Survey Association. Publication of submitted papers is pending on an internal review by the Executive Committee of the World Values Survey Association. Submissions should be sent to the editor in charge, WVSA Vice-President Professor Christian Welzel:


Papers submitted to WVR must be an original piece of research based on data from the World Values Surveys. Papers present new evidence and novel insights of theoretical relevance to the theme of human values. Cross-national and cross-cultural comparisons as well as longitudinal studies taking advantage of the full spatial and temporal scope of the World Values Surveys are particularly welcome.

Papers must include a full reference list, with tables and figures placed at the end of the manuscript. Authors should follow the Chicago Style Manual and use APA citation style (i.e., referencing in the main text instead of in notes). There should be no extensive use of notes and all notes should be placed as footnotes (not endnotes) on the respective page. Manuscripts should be in a range between 8,000 and 12,000 words, including footnotes, references, as well as tables and figures.


Author (Year). “Title.” World Values Research Volume (Issue): pages.

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