27 abr 2014

2014 Global Conference And General Assembly “Values And Societies Between Stability & Change”

The 2014 Global Conference and General Assembly of WVSA is aimed at first global presentation of the results of the World Values Survey Wave 6 to the world scientific and research community.

WVS wave 6 being a result of common efforts of whole WVS network is the most successful wave in the history of WVS (in terms of number of countries covered in it). The launch of wave 6 is a triumphant holiday for all WVS members, and WVS leadership is happy to share this joy with all the conference participants and guests on this day.

The Conference will take place at the University of Qatar ( in Doha, Qatar.

HomeThe meeting will be hosted by SESRI research institute ( that provided significant organizational and financial support to this event.

The Conference will take place on April, 27 – April, 30, 2014. One day of the conference will be devoted to presentation and discussion of the main survey results of the WVS wave 6. Forty five researchers, scholars and scientists representing thirty five world countries will present and discuss outcomes of surveys conducted in their countries and regions.

Another important event to be conducted during the conference is the General Assembly of World Values Survey Association. At the General Assembly session members of the Executive Committee, Scientific Advisory Committee and Principal Investigators will discuss the vectors of future development of WVS as well as the eventual Amendment to the constitution of the WVS.*BRG0jnEXRtmZhd77UAw1yMB5ku7ZXbnHrDRnhx7dPPB/Silatech_Eng_High.jpgSpecial event of the conference program – presentation of survey results in the countries of MENA region – will be held jointly with Silatech (


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