22 ago 2014

World Values Survey Association at IPSA Congress

World Values Survey Association took part in the 23rd World Congress of the International Political Science Association in Montreal, Canada on July, 18-24.

With the support of WVSA three Congress Panels have been organized:

Political Stability and Political Change in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Region, 2005 – 2014 (RC 17)

Chair: Prof. Christian W Haerpfer

● ‘Aftermath of Egypt's Populist Coup: Secular Awakening or Islamist Revival?’ by Mr. Sherif Fouad;

● ‘Changing Tunisian and Egyptian Attitudes toward Political Islam: The Impact of the Arab Spring Transitions’ by Prof. Mark Tessler;

● ‘Political Capital in the Mena Region’ by Prof. Christian W Haerpfer;

● ‘Political Changes and Population Life Quality in the Mena Region’ by Miss Kseniya Kizilova.

The Civic Culture after 50 Years: Insights from the World Values Surveys (RC17)

Chair: Prof. Ronald Inglehart

● ‘Rising Emancipative Values’ by Prof. Christian Welzel;

● ‘The Decline Deference’ by Dr. Neil Nevitte;

● ‘Unmasking Instrumental Support For Democracy: A New Approach For Measuring the Political Culture of Democracy’ by Mr. Sebastian Kuhn.

Trust and Confidence in Elections (RC 23)

Chair: Prof. Pippa Norris

● ‘Electoral Governance and Competitiveness of Elections in Latin America’ by Prof. Gabriela Tarouco;

● ‘The Consequences of Electoral Reform on Electoral Integrity in Africa’ by Dr. Nicholas Kerr

● ‘The Role and Effectiveness of Electoral Management Bodies in Strengthening Electoral Integrity’ by Prof. Pippa Norris;

● ‘Under Which Conditions Do Citizens Have Confidence in Transitional Elections? Comparing Recent Elections in the MENA Region’ by Ms. Anna Luehrmann.

A one-day workshop on Electoral Integrity was also organized for Montreal.

Papers and presentations of the other members of WVSA included:

● ‘Policy Capacity: A Cross-Country Analysis’ by Roberto Foa in the panel ‘Conceptualizing and Assessing Policy Capacity’ organized by RC 30;

● ‘Elite and Mass Responses to the Global Financial Crisis in South Africa’ by Prof. Hennie Kotze and Dr. Cindy Lee Steenekamp;

● ‘Democratic Debate or Destructive Dissent? Gaps in Trust in Courts, Police and Government Worldwide’ by Dr. Grace Lee.



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