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2014 Annual Meeting of World Values Survey Association

Home2014 Annual Meeting of World Values Survey Association was conducted in conjunction with the International Political Science Association within the framework of the 23rd World Congress of Political Science in Montreal, Canada on July, 18-24.

The meeting was aimed at presentation of the results of the World Values Survey Wave 6 to the world scientific and research community. WVS wave 6 is the most successful wave in the history of WVS in terms of number of countries covered in it, and many WVS Principal Investigators, sponsors, friends and colleagues were invited to celebrate this success.

WVSA had a number of scientific and social events realized within the Congress program. The Open Public Reception of the WVSA was held on Monday 21st July 2014 from 17.00 to 19.00 on the 7th floor terrace of the Palais de Congress. The Open reception was organized with the financial and organizational support of IPSA RC 23 and RC 17 and the treasurer of WVSA Prof. Pippa Norris.

The Open Reception was attended by more than 150 guests who enjoyed drinks and canapés and conversation with the WVSA leadership. The main topic of the discussion was “Change plus ca change: New themes, new countries, and new developments in the 6th wave of World Values Survey”.

The guests were welcomed by the Founding President of the WVSA Prof. Ronald Inglehart who introduced to the wide public the new President of WVSA Prof. Christian Haerpfer. The speech of Prof. Haerpfer was devoted to the achievements of WVSA in the wave 6 and plans of the organization for the next wave. Other speakers at the Open Reception were representatives of WVSA leadership the Dr. Marta Lagos and Prof. Pippa Norris. At the reception the WVSA was also greeted by the representative of UNESCO Martin Schaaper and the former president of IPSA Prof. Leonardo Morlino. The ceremony was followed by questions & answers session.

WVSA Principal Investigators attended the Open Reception: Prof. Christian Haerpfer (Moldova), Prof. Ronald Inglehart (USA), Prof. Pippa Norris (Zimbabwe), Dr. Marta Lagos (Chile), Prof. Hennie Kotze (South Africa), Dr. Grace Lee (Malaysia), Prof. Neil Nevitte (Canada), Prof. Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Latif (Egypt), Roberto Foa (Uzbekistan).



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