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Quality of Life: a Challenge for Social Policy

Call for Papers

In the past 50 years, Quality of Life increasingly became a key issue, the most important goal to be pursued by individuals. The process started in the more advanced democracies, replacing the mere search for material wealth, and putting at the top of the public agenda new challenges for social organisation and, in particular, for social policy. In the past 25 years, former communist societies around the globe also started, to different extents, to experience the shift. Their particular status was labelled as “double-risk societies”, to show that they simultaneously experience different social changes typical to contemporary age, but also social processes frozen by the communist regimes.
At its landmark 25th year, the Research Institute for Quality of Life is hosting a conference on the topic of quality of life as a challenge for social policy. The conference includes plenary meetings with keynote speeches, thematic sessions with presentations and round tables. Keynote speakers in plenary sessions are Fillomena Maggino, Christian Suter, Ruut Veenhoven and Claire Wallace.
We also invite individual or multi-authored presentations to thematic sessions. If interested to deliver a presentation at the conference, please apply online to one of the sessions on the conference website before the 21st of January 2015. The accepted proposals will be acknowledged by the 6th of February 2015.
We will be glad to have you in Bucharest in April!

Important information.

Types of Presentations: Paper, distributed paper, poster.

Abstracts. An abstract of 250-300 words will be submitted through the conference website. The author(s) should specify to which session they apply and the type of presentation they prefer. If one cannot decide to which session to apply, one can select “Submission without specific section”, and the proposal will be directed to the appropriate session or to a special session with miscellaneous contributions. Abstracts will be included in a book of abstracts distributed as pdf file.

Review. The chairs of each session will review the abstracts and decide upon inclusion.

Sections. A section will have one, two or three sessions, depending on the number of accepted presentations (minimum 3 and maximum 5 per session).

Language. Most sessions are in English and some sessions are in Romanian. Abstracts will be submitted accordingly. If submitting in another language than the one announced in the presentation of the section, please contact the chairs prior to submission to check if your proposal can be accepted as such.

Registration Fee. The participation fee is 200 lei (45 EURO) if paid before the 5th of March, and 300 lei (66 EURO) if paid before the 1st of April 2015. For PhD students the fee is half of the regular one (100 lei, 150 lei, respectively). The fee should be paid after acceptance of proposal. Proposals for which the fee was not paid by the deadline will not be included in the conference. The fee covers the conference folder, badge, coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

Multiple Proposals: Multiple proposals can be submitted, but not more than two presentations per author will be accepted. For each paper presented in the conference, there must be at least one in-person registration.

Accommodation and transportation. We will include useful details on the website in due time, in order to help you reach Bucharest. Unfortunately, we cannot not provide travel grants to participants.

List of sections:

1. Well-being and the quality of life in ageing societies – theoretical and empirical challenges

2. Using subjective wellbeing and quality of life indicators in public policy: a Latin American perspective

3. Environment, consumption & sustainability: cross-disciplinary perspectives

4. Social and Geopolitical Changes in XXI Century

5. Assessing the rule of social relations

6. Inequality and Well­being: Methodological Considerations and Comparative Perspectives

7. Social beliefs and subjective well-being in post-transitional societies

8. Precarious Prosperity and Quality of Life

9. Changes in work and employment: New directions in the sociology of work

10. Social policy as a tool for sustainable development

11. European societies: changes in social values and social relations

12. Impact of international migration on societies and quality of life

13. Local development: experiences and challenges

14. Gender equality and quality of life

15. Sustainable level of living in contemporary world

16. Healthy lifestyles and well-being

17. Teaching Social Sciences in a Changing University Landscape

18. Child Well-Being: Levels and Correlates

19. Quality of life in Romania

20. Vicinities, communities and societies. New trends and old pathways in social sciences

21. Answers of the social economy to current challenges on the labour market

22. Strategies to improve school attendance

23. Faces of resilience: from local view to global issues

24. Integrating subjective and objective measures of utility in rational choice theory

25. Young people in changing social landscapes

26. Submission without specific section




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