10 mar 2015

WVSA at WAPOR regional conference in Doha, Qatar

WAPOR's 2015 regional conference with a theme of "Innovation in Public Opinion Research" was held on March 7-9, 2015 and was organized and hosted by SESRI at Qatar University.

The conference was focused on a number of issues that are of interest to the international community including:

  • Innovations in methods, including the impact of technology on data collection
  • Mixed-mode research in theory and practice
  • Nontraditional and experimental sampling methodologies
  • Cross-cultural research and concept equivalence in translation
  • The impact and future of “big data,” social media and the Internet
  • Interviewer effects
  • Regional topical issues (such as labor markets and migration, and female participation in the labor force)
  • Theoretical issues in the measurement of emotion and sentiment
  • Social capital, democratization and public opinion
  • Theories of public opinion as applied to regional issues and concerns
  • Transformation of inchoate concepts into measurement variables
  • New interpretive frameworks

World Values Survey Association took active participation in this scientific event and presented most recent results of the WVS wave-6 in the MENA region within the framework of the conference panel “Political Stability and Political Change in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Region, 2005 – 2014”.

The panel was chaired by the President of the World Values Survey Association Professor Christian Haerpfer and included presentations from the following scholars:

Political Capital, Social Capital and Political Participation in the Mena Region

Prof. Christian Haerpfer, University of Vienna; Ms Kseniya Kizilova, Institute for Comparative Survey Research

A comparative analysis of Instruments to Measure Subjective Security

Prof. Juan Diez-Nicolas, Chair for Research in Social Sciences and Security at the European University of Madrid, Spain

The Confidence in Arab Institutions

Dr. Samir Abu Rumman, Executive Director, Gulf Opinions Center for Polls and Statistics, Kuwait, Consultant,  King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia; Dr. Khalid AlQahs, Media Department, Kuwait University

Conversion, creation, connection, and value change in a post-revolutionary context (The Tunisian case)

Prof. Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh, President of Appied Social Science Forum, Tunisia; Dr. Abdelkader Latreche, Appied Social Science Forum, Qatar












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