17 feb 2017

Innovative and Inspiring: New Publications by the Founding President of the WVSA Ronald Inglehart!

Full texts of six new (forthcoming!) publications by the Founding President of the WVSA Professor Ronald Inglehart are now available for downloading from the WVSA web-site free of charge. New publications provide empirical grounding and scientific reflections on the most recent social processes and phenomena happening in the world.

Available for downloading now (full texts, free access - please, proceed to the end of the page to download all texts as PDF files):

"Changing Values in the Islamic World and the West: Social Tolerance and the Arab Spring" by Ronald Inglehart (Chapter 1 in the "Values, Political Action, and Change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring" Edited by Mansoor Moaddel and Edited by Michele J. Gelfand, Oxford University Press, 2017).


"Genetic Factors, Cultural Predispositions, Happiness and Gender Equality" by Ronald F. Inglehart, Svetlana Borinskaya, Anna Cotter, Jaanus Jarro, Ronald C. Inglehart, Eduard Ponarin, Christian Welzel in Journal of Research in Gender Studies Volume 4(1), 2014, pp. 32–100, ISSN: 2164-0262.


"Modernization, Existential Security and Cultural Change: Reshaping Human Motivations and Society" by Ronald Inglehart (chapter in "Advances in Culture and Psychology") Edited by Michele J. Gelfand, Edited by Chi-yue Chiu, and Edited by Ying-yi Hong.



"Declining Willingness to Fight in Wars: The Individual-level Basis of the Long Peace" by Ronald F. Inglehart, Bi Puranen, Christian Welzel in Journal of Peace Research, 2015 52(4), 418-434.




"Trump and the Xenophobic Populist Parties: The Silent Revolution in Reverse" by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris forthcoming in Perspectives on Politics (June, 2017).



"Cultural Change, Slow and Fast: The Distinctive Trajectory of Norms Governing Gender Equality and Sexual Orientation" by Ronald F. Inglehart, Eduard Ponarin, Ronald C. Inglehart in Social Forces (2017) 1-28.






Cultural_Change_Slow_and_Fast--__Norms_Governing_Gender_Equality_and_Sexual_Orientation.pdf [Download count:95]

Changing_Values_in_the_Islamic_World_and_the_West_Social_Tolerance_and_the_Arab_Spring.pdf [Download count:90]

Declining_Willingness_to_Fight_in_Wars_The_Individual-level_Basis_of_the_Long_Peace.pdf [Download count:46]

Genetic_Factors_Cultural_Predispositions_Happiness_and_Gender_Equality.pdf [Download count:75]

Modernization_Existential_Security_and_Cultural_Change_Reshaping_Human_Motivations_and_Society.pdf [Download count:114]

Trump_and_the_Xenophobic_Populist_Parties_The_Silent_Revolution_in_Reverse.pdf [Download count:134]


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