11 jun 2018

WVSA releases WVS-6 report on "Social Values and Attitudes in the MENA Region" (2012-2014)

The World Values Survey Association releases WVS-6 report on "Social Values and Attitudes in the MENA Region". Report is based on the WVS (2012-2014) survey data collected in 12 countries and societies in the Middle East. Project has been implemented with the support of Silatech Foundation (Qatar) and Economic Research Forum (Egypt). WVS wave 7 begins in the Middle East in Summer 2018.

This report on the Middle East and North Africa is the result of the close work and collaboration between Silatech, a Qatar-based philanthropic organisation, and the World Values Survey Association. Silatech supported the World Values Survey fieldwork in four countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, and Iraq. The Economic Research Forum (ERF) has funded Tunisia and Yemen. Both organizations have generously facilitated meetings and workshops connecting researchers in the region with scholars from around the world. Silatech supplied the financing for this Report, which provides a comprehensive assessment of the findings of the World Values Survey Wave 6 in the 12 MENA countries.
The Report was produced in collaboration with young scholars from the Middle East, Europe, and North America, with the academic support of NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions in Amman, Jordan.
The production of this Report has been supervised by Associate Professor Bi Puranen, Secretary-General of the World Values Survey and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm, Sweden, and Dr.Fares Braizat, Amman, Jordan, Chairman of NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the World Values Survey Association.
With generous assistance from Silatech and ERF (Economic Research Forum), Wave 6 of the World Values Survey is one of the most exhaustive surveys ever conducted in the MENA region. It is our hope that the diverse social, political, cultural, economic, and ethical insights gathered by the World Values Survey and presented in this Report will be of indispensable value to academics, journalists, business leaders, policy and decision makers, and anyone else with an interest in this critical part of the world.

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