06 may 2014

Marta Lagos becomes member of the WVS EC

Marta Lagos elected as the member of the Executive Committee of World Values Survey Association!

Marta Lagos is founding director of Latinobarómetro, a yearly continental opinion survey in 18 countries in Latin America. Formerly at the head of a Chilean think tank, CERC that conducted opinion polls during transition to democracy in Chile during the 80's and 90's. Lagos trained as economist in Heidelberg, Germany, is founding director of her own polling company MORI (Chile) associated with MORI UK since 1994.

M.L., has been in the World Value Survey team since l990, was president of the Scientific Committee of the WVS from 2008 to 2014. Was member of the Steering Committee of the International Comparative Elections Studies CSES since its foundation in 1994 until 2008.

Her expertise in conducting comparative survey research has lead to extensive consulting in the formation of regional opinion barometers, recently the Asian and Afro opinion barometers that follow the experience of the Euro and Latinobarometer. As a result of this experience a new organization has been created. She coordinates the comparative work  available from the regional barometers, Africa, Asia and Latin America and more recently the arab world and Eurasia. Altogether 72 countries are covered.

She has a very active participation in local national institutions as member of boards, and consultant to international organizations. Also member of the United Nations Public Opinion Task. Force, as well as major consultant to UNDP report on the Democracy in Latin America and World Bank and US and European Governments.

Since l995 WAPOR representative for Chile, and founding member and first president of the Chilean Association of Public Opinion Research.  Editor of IJPOR (Oxford University press). Dinnerman Award 2008.

Born 13.03.1952

Married, four children.



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