14 may 2014

Book Freedom Rising by Prof. Chris Welzel obtained award! Congratulations!

Book Freedom Rising by Prof. Chris Welzel obtained award! Congratulations!


Freedom Rising: Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation by Prof. Chris Welzel obtained the Alexander L. George Award of the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) for the best book published in 2014.


The Alexander L. George Book Award is given for the best book published in the field of political psychology during the previous calendar year. Befitting the extraordinary and far-reaching contributions to scholarship of Alexander George, the award winning work is one that demonstrates the highest quality of thought and makes a major substantive book-length contribution to the field of political psychology, broadly defined. The award will be formally announced at the Awards Ceremony during the Annual Meeting of the Society in Rome this July (

Freedom RisingThis book presents a comprehensive theory of why human freedom gave way to increasing oppression since the invention of states--and why this trend began to reverse itself more recently, leading to a rapid expansion of universal freedoms and democracy. Drawing on a massive body of evidence, the author tests various explanations of the rise of freedoms, providing convincing support of a well-reasoned theory of emancipation. The study demonstrates multiple trends towards human empowerment, which converge in giving people control over their lives. Most important among these trends is the spread of ‘emancipative values,’ which emphasize free choice and equal opportunities. The author identifies the desire for emancipation as the origin of the human empowerment trend and shows when and why this desire grows strong, why it is the source of democracy, how it vitalizes civil society, rebuilds social capital, feeds humanitarian norms, enhances happiness, and helps to redirect modern civilization towards sustainable development.

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