27 nov 2015

WVSA at the LCSR conference in Moscow

The 5th International Annual Research Conference (2015) “Cultural and Economic changes under cross-national perspective” of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR NRU HSE) took place on November 16 - 20, 2015, in Moscow. WVSA experts presented a number of lectures and key note speeches at the conference.

The 5th International Annual Research Conference (2015)  “Cultural and Economic changes under cross-national perspective” of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR NRU HSE) took place on November 16 - 20, 2015, in Moscow. The conference aimed at developing empirical quantitative comparative (cross-country and cross-regional) studies in social science.

It was the anniversary conference for the LCSR and many renown scientists, old friends of LCSR and some interesting new participants who came to take part in the event. The researches felt enthusiastic to present their studies to the scientific international audience and discuss the current researches of LCSR research fellows, associate researches and invited guests.

The Conference started with opening speech by Evgeny Yasin, Maria Yudkevich, Andrey Melville, Alexander Chepurenko and welcoming words from Ronald Inglehart and Eduard Ponarin.

WVSA experts presented a number of lectures and key note speeches at the conference:

  • Ronald Inglehart (LCSR, HSE Moscow, & University of Michigan, USA) Modernization and Inequality: watch video online...  
  • Marita Carballo (Social and Political Academy of Argentina, Argentina) Subjective Wellbeing and Public Policy: watch video online... 
  • Christian Haerpfer (University of Vienna, Austria) Political Participation in Global Comparison. Patterns of Conventional and Unconventional Political Participation in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas: watch video online... 
  • Bi Puranen (Institute for Future studies, Sweden) The Relation between Muslim Localised Conflicts, Grievances and Transnational Violence: watch video online...
  • Darwish Al Emadi (Qatar University, Qatar) The Challenges of Surveying in Countries with Unorthodox Population Pyramid: watch video online...  
  • Alejandro Moreno (ITAM, Mexico) Understanding Citizen Satisfaction with Democracy: Empirical Evidence from 18 Latin American Countries;
  • Juan Díez-Nicolás (ISSP, Spain) The Perception of Security in an International Comparative Perspective;
  • Christian Welzel (LCSR, HSE Moscow, & Leuphana University, Germany) Misconceptions of Measurement Equivalence: Internal Coherence versus External Validity.

Pippa Norris gave a leture on the Electoral Integrity Project and its major findings ( on the 12th of November.   

Alejandro Moreno gave a series of lectures on the election polling, voting behavior, campaign effects and political attitudes in Latin American countries:

NOVEMBER 23. Value Change and Institutional Adaptation in Latin America

NOVEMBER 23. Two Decades of Scholarly Work on the Mexican Voter

NOVEMBER 24. Measuring Campaign Effects with Panel Data

NOVEMBER 24. The Origins of Survey Research and their Lessons for Today’s Comparative Surveys

NOVEMBER 26. The Accuracy of Election Polls in New Democracies

NOVEMBER 26. Social and Political Trust in Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa.

The conference is organized by the leadership of LCSR Dr. Tatiana Karabchuk (WVSA Principal Investigator for Kyrgyzstan) and Prof. Eduard Ponarin (WVSA Principal Investigator for Russian Federation).

Some comments from the participants about the event:

Eduard Ponarin, the LCSR Director: "these five days of the conference may have symbolized the five years of Laboratory existence. During these five years the Laboratory have definitely grown not only in quantity of the participants but also in quality of the presentations and lectures. This conference showed that the Junior Research Fellows ("the suns") can challenge their teachers in science ("the fathers"). For example, during the last two days we have witnessed a fascinating discussion between Boris Sokolov and Christian Welzel about measurement model misspecifications from one side and misconceptions of measurement equivalence from the other side. It was really curious to watch how the discussion was going and how the speakers reached a compromise as the arguments were presented in a very competent and friendly manner”. 

Christian Welzel, one of the LCSR “fathers”: “I was fascinated by the number of foreign participants who came in Moscow from remote countries all around the world so that this year we had more presenters than ever. In such situation the double panel format proved to work well as we had two parallel working sessions in different rooms so that everybody could choose what he is more interested in. It was also the first time I brought a couple of PhD students from my Chair in Germany here in Moscow for the LCSR conference. It seems that they integrated well into the Laboratory and I am sure that we will continue to cooperate that way in the future”. 

Juan Diez Nicolas, keynote speaker, (ISSP, Spain): "It was a remarkable experience for me to take part in this LCSR conference. Everything was organized very well and it was interesting to meet other researches as well as present my lecture to the huge international audience. It was my first time in Moscow but I am sure I will come back here in future to attend other events organized by the laboratory."

Alejandro Moreno, keynote speaker (ITAM, Mexico): "I have a good overall impression about the conference. The discussions were intellectually stimulating, it was a lot of fun to see all the old and new friends. I found the quality of the conference papers as really high and was impressed by so many different topics raised during the sessions. There were so many research agendas, so many findings, so many ideas that you should have maid notes and go back to summarize them after the conference. I was impressed!"


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