02 ago 2016

WVS panels at 24th World Congress of International Political Science Association

At the recent IPSA Congress which took place in July, 2016 in Poznan, Poland WVSA members presented findings and research outcomes based on WVS data.

In International Political Science Association the Research Committee whose scope of activity directly deals with WVS data and WVS findings is RC17 "Comparative Public Opinion" chaired by the President of the WVSA Professor Christian W Haerpfer.

Within the framework of the 24th IPSA Congress which took place in Poznan on July, 23-28, 2016 RC17 has organized over a dozen of panels where paper-givers had an opportunity to present their analysis and findings based on data from the WVS as well as other comparative survey programs, among them (please, proceed to the bottom of the page, some of the papers are available for downloading):

Prof. Christian W Haerpfer, Miss Kseniya Kiziova

  • Trump, Brexit, and the rise of Populism: Economic have-nots and cultural backlash Ronald F. Inglehart and Pippa Norris (Special Session 4 “Politics as a Science (With Apologies to Max Weber)”