02 jun 2017

Signing ceremony and opening of the WVS International Seminar at the University of Almeria

International Seminar "World Values Survey" has been established at the University of Almeria and will act as the WVSA Regional Hub for the Mediterranean region (Southern Europe and North Africa).

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The University of Almeria will host the International Seminar "World Values Survey" that focuses on social research and capacity building in social sciences. It is anticipated that in the autumn of 2017, a pilot course will begin, bringing Almería to the internationally renown research centers. The Seminar will also promote the seventh wave of the World Values ​​Survey in Southern Europe and North Africa (2017/18).

The University of Almeria has signed, this Thursday, June 1, the agreement with the World Values ​​Survey Association for the launching of the International Seminar on the campus of the University.

The International Seminar will promote development of social research and establishment of research centers in the social sciences in the countries of the Mediterranean region. As highlighted by the rector of the University of Almeria, Carmelo Rodríguez Torreblanca:

"WVS is the most important social research project of the world. This cooperation is a cause for celebration for the University of Almeria and in general for the Andalusian universities. This agreement will develop new cooperation networks for research and education institutions in Spain, Southern Europe and North Africa; it will help to establish and maintain a bridge between European countries that have an experience in the methodology of social surveys and the countries of North Africa that will be the recipients of that knowledge. This collaboration guarantees two of the most important objectives of our Strategic Plan related to internationalization and interaction with society. "

Organization of regional meetings and round tables with the presence of social scientists and politicians, researchers and academics is another objective of the International Seminar that will be by lead Juan Díez Nicolás, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values ​​Survey Association: 

"In 2016 we had six hundred thousand users of our survey findings from all over the world. Our main users are countries like United States or Spain (among the top five). The questionnaire of the World Values ​​Survey consists of around 250 questions on topics such as family, religion, politics, economics, environment, ethics and etc. These surveys show present changes in what people want out of life and in what they believe. This is very valuable information for policy makers seeking to build civil society and democratic institutions in developing countries".

The International Seminar will actively participate in capacity building and will organize workshops, summer schools and teaching courses, as stated by the UAL professor of Sociology and co-director of the Seminar, Pilar Rodríguez:

"This project from the beginning had strong support of the University management. The researchers who are part of the Seminar will have an opportunity to work with important data on a global scale in addition to enhancing training through this extensive network that is the World Values Survey Association".

The first pilot course with 30 students and half a dozen world-renowned researchers is expected to be launched in the autumn of 2017. The Seminar will be managed by an Advisory Board consisting of 3 representatives from the University of Almería and 3 from the World Values ​​Survey Association. 


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