22 jun 2022

The Ronald F. Inglehart Honorary Lecture

The Ronald F. Inglehart Honorary Lecture is a key-note presentation held on an annual basis to commemorate the scientific legacy of the WVSA Founder. The lecturer is invited by the Executive Committee of the WVSA, following an announced open call. The selection of speakers will feature thematic, geographic, and disciplinary diversity while reflecting upon the issues of value change, intergenerational value change, and political culture. The lecturer is expected to deliver some innovative, outstanding material on the selected topic.

The lecturer will be encouraged to use the WVS data among the other sources if empirical data analysis is to be involved.

The lecture is to be delivered in English (online or onsite, depending on the public health etc. situation) and broadcasted via the WVSA Youtube channel.

Attendance of such lecture (whether it takes place online or offline) shall be free of charge for all participants and interested parties. The lecturer receives a cash award of €500, funded jointly by the WVSA and the Inglehart Family. The first lecture will take place in mid-November 2022 with the subsuquent lectures taking place on the annual basis.

Submitting a lecturer nomination 

To nominate, please email a formal nomination letter to Nominations must include:

  • Formal nomination letter including name, institutional affiliation, contact details and brief information about the nominee; proposed theme of the lecture and the rationale for exploring this topic.
  • Nominee's full CV, including the list of publications.
  • Extended abstract of the lecture (3000 words), including theoretical background, summary of key arguments, description of the data used, reference to any related publications (if this research was already published).

Nominations for the 2022 Ronald F. Inglehart Honorary Lecture are accepted till September 30, 2022.

Donations in support of the award

WVSA welcomes donations to support the award fund: Donate via PayPal. To make a donation via a bank transfer, please, contact WVSA Secretariat.


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